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Friends of the MMK


An artwork by Katharina Fritsch, which has since become known worldwide, was the inspiration for a special occasion organized by the Friends of the MMK: The Tischgesellschaft. Once a year a group of people that supports the museum in an extraordinary way meets in the MMK. The art work specifies the number of participants: Sixteen hosts invite sixteen guests to be seated at table. With its donations, this exclusive circle supports particular projects at the MMK. Nowadays the Tischgesellschaft is famous well beyond Frankfurt as an exemplary model of patronage of the arts.

The Evening
Every year on the first Monday in February a select circle of patrons meets for the Tischgesellschaft at the Museum für Moderne Kunst. Attendance is by personal invitation by a host only. This is an opportunity to attend a very special evening at the MMK. Museum Director Susanne Pfeffer greets those attending and invites them to be seated at table. Surrounded by art she acts as MC during an exquisite dinner in the museum premises. A particular highlight of the evening is the speech delivered by a guest speaker from the world of culture. Drinks afterwards provide an opportunity to discuss art and the world at large in a relaxed atmosphere.  Each guest becomes a host for the following year and proposes a guest for the next Tischgesellschaft. This way there is a continually growing circle of Friends committed to supporting the Museum in a unique way. Every two years all the members meet for the “Grand Tischgesellschaft”. 

Your Donation
Those attending the Tischgesellschaft are prepared to support the Museum für Moderne Kunst financially. Guests and hosts alike each donate EUR 1,800. This donation can, of course, be set off against tax. The host also pays a share of the cost of the food to the value of EUR 300. These donations help finance purchases and exhibition projects the MMK would be unable to afford were it not for the Tischgesellschaft. As of your third year an annual fee of EUR 600 makes you a member of the Grand Tischgesellschaft and one of an exclusive circle of friends and supporters of the Museum für Moderne Kunst. The Tischgesellschaft aims to network players and participants in the art world with one another and, together, to support one of the most important museums of contemporary art there is. We are delighted that you are part of this circle. 

Guest Speakers at the Tischgesellschaft

2018 Anne Imhof  2017 Ed Atkins 2016 Kader Attia 2015 William Forsythe 2014 Wilfried Kuehn 2013 Carsten Nicolai 2012 Douglas Gordon 2011 Tino Sehgal 2010 Stephan Huber 2009 Chris Dercon 2008 Daniel Birnbaum 2007 Rolf Ricke 2006 Axel Hecht 2005 Frieder Burda 2004 Sturtevant 2003 Heiner Goebbels 2002 Dieter Eckart 2001 Wolf Singer 2000 Friedhelm Mennekes 1999 Siegfried Unseld 1998 Daniel Cohn-Bendit 1997 Klaus Reichert

Grand Tischgesellschaft

Guest Speakers and Events at the Grand Tischgesellschaft

2016 Fundraising Isa Genzken, Schauspieler mit Gala-Programm
Boom She Boom - Exclusive Preview on occasion of the MMK 2 Opening
"Da Franz" - Dinner in honour of Franz West
2010 Performance by Ayzit Bostan and Opening of the Not in Fashion-Shop
2008 Susanne Gaensheimer
2006 Francesca von Habsburg
2004 Ingvild Goetz
2002 David Reed

Information & Contact

For specific information on the activities of the Tischgesellschaft, please contact Heike Eichhorn via the membership office of the Friends.

Telephone +49 69 174296
Fax +49 69 174297
E-mail: info(at)freunde-des-mmk.de