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The MMK Foundation

The MMK Stiftung was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting and promoting the work of the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst on a sustainable, ongoing basis.
The museum’s comprehensive activities can be pursued and further developed only with the financial support provided by donors. Please support the MMK Stiftung with any amount you like. By doing so, you invest directly in the museum’s future, and ensure the ongoing work of an internationally networked and renowned museum of contemporary art.

Contributions to the MMK Stiftung can be applied to the following areas:

- exhibition projects and presentations of works from the collection
- cultural education
- conservation measures
- research projects

In October 2014, the MMK has opened a new branch in Frankfurt’s financial district. The long-cherished wish for more space in which to present the museum’s collection more comprehensively is now coming true in the MMK’s new location in the TaunusTurm. Our extensive holdings, from Pop Art to the most recent currents in contemporary art, will now be on view in altogether three exhibition facilities.
One of the special aims of the MMK Stiftung is to support the museum’s new, exclusively privately financed branch – the MMK 2 – and provide it with a secure basis.

Goals and Projects

MMK 2 – The new branch of the MMK
The MMK 2 is financed without public funds, and made possible primarily by donations to the MMK Stiftung. The MMK Stiftung accordingly contributes to facilitating an innovative and economically sustainable model for the expansion of the museum.
Further information on the MMK 2

Cultural education
Art is there to be seen and experienced. In discussions about art, visitors can gain a better understanding of the many artistic approaches presented at the MMK. One of the museum’s foremost aims is thus to fulfil its responsibilities as an educational institution by initiating and implementing a diverse and comprehensive cultural programme. One of the chief focusses of the support provided to the MMK by the MMK Stiftung is therefore to secure and further expand the museum’s cultural education activities.
If you would like to contribute to these efforts, one option is to make a donation in support of a specific museum education project or to sponsor a school. As a school sponsor you give the pupils of a particular school free admission to the MMK as well as the opportunity to take part in the education programme for school classes free of charge for one year.

Preserving the collection and conservational measures
The MMK collection meanwhile encompasses some five thousand works. Their quality, diversity and incomparable profiles are what make these holdings stand out prominently in the museum landscape. In value and importance, this collection is unique.
In addition to paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures, the holdings also include wall paintings, installations and video art as well as performative and organic works. Their preservation and accompanying scientific investigation is one of the primary and fundamental tasks of a museum. In view of the fact that the MMK has no financing means of its own in this area, support through the MMK Stiftung is indispensable.

Research projects
Owing to the changes society has undergone over the past years, the increasing role played by the media, and the ubiquitous process of globalization, the museum of the twenty-first century faces a wide range of new challenges. The role of the museum as a public space demands redefinition. Within this context, communication and education hold ever greater importance. The MMK is called upon to examine these and similar questions from a scholarly perspective, a mission it will continue to pursue in the future within the framework of various research projects.

Forms of Support

Invest in the museum’s future and, by doing so, help provide a secure basis for the MMK’s comprehensive museum work. Your contributions can be made to the foundation in different forms. You can either support the museum on a short-term basis for specific projects, or pledge your long-term support to the benefit of the foundation’s purposes.

All of the funds donated to the foundation are used exclusively for the realization of aims stated explicitly in the foundation charter. As a foundation legally responsible under civil law, based in Frankfurt am Main, the MMK Stiftung is recognized by the tax office as a non-profit institution worthy of funding. The foundation thus holds the right to issue donation receipts.

The provision of support to the MMK Stiftung is an attractive option for contributors because they can take advantage of the accompanying tax privileges and also choose the specific purpose to which they would like their donation applied – and how they would like their support publicized.


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The Founding

In 2010, the Commerzbank AG awarded a generous donation to the MMK. By doing so, the Commerzbank AG signalled its affinity and great dedication to art and culture as well as to the museum. This dedication, which had already existed for many years in the form of cooperation with the Jürgen Ponto Stiftung and, since 1989, the placement of Katharina Fritsch’s Company at Table from the collection of the Dresdner Bank AG on permanent loan to the museum, was thus renewed and continued. The generous patronage of the Commerzbank AG is manifesting itself in the added value of the bank and of the MMK. The relationship between business and culture here translates into exemplary, long-term and intensive cooperation. With regard to the MMK Stiftung and the expansion of its assets, this approach can serve as a model for other companies and institutions.
In 2011, the foundation was entered in the Golden Book of Foundations of the City of Frankfurt.


Julia Haecker
Deputy Executive director
E-Mail: julia.haecker(at)
Tel. +49 69 212 37953
Fax +49 69 212 37882

Executive board of the MMK Stiftung:     
Dr. Ina Hartwig (chairwoman), Susanne Pfeffer, Dr. Christian Duve