Exhibition details ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Hans Peter Feldmann:



13 September 2002 — 21 April 2003

Children have their very own view of the world and a unique artistic perception. In future, MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst seeks to do justice to this special gift by making it the topic for a room: The Kinderzimmer (The Children's Room). In yearly rotation a renowned artist, whose work is eminently suited for such a project, will be invited to conceive a show for children.

The series began with Hans-Peter Feldmann, an artist who lives in Duesseldorf - where he was born in 1941. Feldmann wants to undermine the myth of the artist as genius, and introduces everyday objects into his art. There are no originals in his work; his objects, books and magazines, photos and posters are unlimited, unsigned editions. In his art he constantly resorts to banal images that form our environment and the world of the imagination, and critically explores existing patterns of perception in art and society.

When Feldmann stands a chair on eggs, eliminates the fragility inherent in houses of cards, or tends an injured fish, he takes the view of a child.

By devoting himself to seemingly simple objects, placing them on pedestals, and thus isolating them from their everyday context, he recalls the aesthetics of our first children's books. This gradual stock-taking of the world, using images and expressions, goes hand in hand with the increasingly complex task of establishing linkages that occupies us for an entire lifetime.