2004 ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Review 2004


Teresa Margolles:

Muerte sin fin

24 April 2004 —
15 August 2004

Muerte sin fin
"Other experiences, other deaths await us."
Octavio Paz

Teresa Margolles works with death or, more specifically, with dead bodies. She does this in Mexico City. Margolles participates in the work at one of the city's morgue and is an artist as well. The dead bodies she encounters and which become the subject of her artistic work are victims of violence or drug abuse, traffic casualties, unidentified corpses, etc. Most of them are the bodies of young people, among them children.



The Brutal Truth

25 September 2004 —
30 January 2004

Her work is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and unusual contributions to contemporary art.This exhibition of more than 140 works by Paris-based American artist Sturtevant (born 1930 in Lakewood, Ohio) covering a period of four decades is the first extensive museum show by an artist who plays such an important role in the art history of the second half of the 20th century. In keeping with her consistent und fascinating artistic concept, for the first time in its history the MMK is devoting all its exhibition rooms exclusively to one artistic oeuvre.