2005 ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Review 2005


What is New, Pussycat?

19 March 2005 —
31 July 2005

The exhibition »What’s New, Pussycat?« focuses on the countless new acquisitions and pieces gifted us over the last three years as well as main works from the former private collection of Karl Ströher — the latter forms the backbone of the MMK’s unique collection. This concentrated focus takes the MMK’s exploration of the »idea of a museum« a logical step forwards.


The ebay-Connection

Spinning the web

24 September 2005 —
29 January 2006

What exactly is "Schweinfurt Green", and what does it have to do with Napoleon's hair and 25 grams of 'Vienna Black' pigment by Andreas Slominski? Or the two small red Sony batteries - what is the relation between them and the two dozen black-&-white amateur photographs of twins or the "Vase Ecstasies" by artist couple Anna and Bernhard Blume? - These is the kind of question that arise when the world's online market-place eBay encounters a museum of modern art: The exhibition Spinning the Web - the eBay Connection presents objects that wehre bought by auction on eBay over a period of several months and juxtaposes them to artworks in the MMK's collection.