2009 ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Review 2009


Bogomir Ecker, Mark Wallinger and an unknown master

Angel Dust

20 February 2009 —
15 April 2009

So much is announced to us, day-in, day-out. But what really gets through to us, what do we hear when we listen and what of what we hear do we understand? What fruit does the spirit plant in our ear such that it grows and blossoms? How can we recognize that the right time has come to step back for a moment and listen to it?


Rainer Ruthenbeck

Double: Umgekippte Möbel, 1971

7 March 2009 —
26 April 2009

The Double exhibition series will launch with a show consisting of „Objects“ by Reiner Ruthenbeck that were first displayed at the 1971 in Kabinett für aktuelle Kunst, Bremerhaven. The MMK acquired this prime example of Concept Art in 1993 as the Frankfurt version, which bears the name „Umgekippte Möbel/Upturned Furniture“.


Yellow and Green

Positions from the collection of the MMK

7 March 2009 —
30 August 2009

Over the next few years, an intense and programmatic focus on the collection of the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main will highlight the function and importance that a museum of contemporary art carries today, as well as underline the opportunities it enjoys compared to other kinds of art institutions and the art market.


Sarah Morris

Gemini Dressage

30 May 2009 —
30 August 2009

As part of the current presentation of the Collection Yellow and Green featuring the master-works of Pop Art and Minimalism from the former Ströher Collection, the MMK is showing a comprehensive solo exhibition of American artist Sarah Morris (born 1967).


Gerhard Richter

Double: 2 Seestücke, 1975

7 July 2009 —
13 September 2009

Following our presentation of works by Reiner Ruthenbeck and Lawrence Weiner, as part of the Double exhibition series MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt/Main is now showcasing Gerhard Richter’s 2 Seestücke. The exhibition takes its cue from an historical presentation by Bremerhaven Kabinett für aktuelle Kunst. 

Jack Goldstein

3 October 2009 —
10 January 2010

New exhibitions in the MMK fall into two main categories: either they offer a new angle on one of the most important German collections of contemporary art by featuring changing presentations structured around a focal topic or they provide a thoroughly researched overview of selected artists from the Collection. The comprehensive Jack Goldstein retrospective is the first in this latter series of artist presentations.


Sol LeWitt

Double: Wall Drawing #261, 1975

3 October 2009 —
15 November 2009

In autumn 2009, in our Double exhibition series we will examine the conceptual art by American Sol LeWitt. In the mid-1950s, he embarked on a career in architect Ieoh Ming Pei’s graphics studio in New York and in the 1960s he published his own ideas on art theory.


Barbara Klemm

Streets Pictures

16 October 2009 —
22 November 2009

For 40 years, Barbara Klemm worked as a staff photographer for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” newspaper, and her pictures strongly influenced the face of that publication. A chronicler of contemporary German history, she has nevertheless traversed all the continents.


Peter Roehr

Werke aus Frankfurter Sammlungen

28 November 2009 —
7 March 2010

From November 27, 2009 through March 7, 2010 MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main and the Städel Museum are presenting a joint project, the exhibition „Peter Roehr – Works from Frankfurt Collections“. The exhibition comprises 100 items of work from all the creative periods and work groups by this Frankfurt-based artist (1944-68) whose oeuvre, characterized by seriality, covers a period of only six years.


Isa Genzken

Drei Vollellipsoide Skulpturen, 1978

28 November 2009 —
31 January 2010

From November 28, 2009 to January 31, 2010 MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst will be hosting “3 Vollellipsoide Skulpturen”, an exhibition of works by Isa Genzken. First showcased in 1978 at the Kabinett für aktuelle Kunst in Bremerhaven, the exhibition marks an important point in Genzken’s career, as it was her very first solo show in a municipal gallery. 


Dolores Zinny/ Juan Maidagan

Compartment / Das Abteil

13 December 2009 —
21 February 2010

Zinny/Maidagan’s artistic oeuvre stands out for its critical reflection on architecture as a mirror of the political, psychological and poetic character of a location and a culture. In recent years they have thus created specific architectural installations in any number of places around the globe, each of which drew the viewers into a special and psycho-emotional world.