Exhibition details ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Gerald Domenig

Exhibition Preparations


21 February 2015 — 6 September 2015

Extended until 6 September.

The artist Gerald Domenig (b. 1953), a resident of Frankfurt, has been amassing his extremely extensive archive of drawings and photographs since the 1970s. The exhibition at the MMK 1 presents a selection from his œuvre, which is distinguished by thematic openness on the one hand and formal rigour on the other. 

Throughout the exhibition, Domenig is working on the drawings’ arrangement again and again. Visitors will thus have the opportunity to follow the show’s constant transformation, which will lend it the character of a show in preparation.

“The museum is the only institution apart from a prison that qualifies for this kind of work – actually the only one, because a prison cell offers even less space than the studio.” Gerald Domenig