Bee Project ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Bees on the rooftop at MMK 1

Foto: Axel Schneider

Every year in spring the artist group finger’s bee colonies on the roof of the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst begin their flight over the city of Frankfurt.

With a wide range of events, guided tours of the apiary and workshops for children, the artist group re-launches its activities revolving around its production site on the museum roof each spring.


MMK Bee workshops for children

(only in German)

Within a framework of workshops taking place twice a month, children between the ages of 6 and 10 are offered a breakfast at which they can taste a wide range of honeys and learn about the essentials of everyday life for bees in a big city. After a breakfast and a round table discussion lasting about one hour, we take a bit of beeswax from the colonies, which the children then use to make their own crayons. The workshop comes to an end with the creation of a honey jar label. Duration: approx. 3 hours 

For reservations 
for the children’s workshops and adult guided tours
please contact us at kunstvermittlung.mmk(at) or +49 69 212 40691.

Guided tours and workshops for groups, clubs and school classes can also be arranged individually (telephone: +49 69 212 40691)

If the event is canceled we will inform you on the front page. You can call one hour ahead in order to find out if the event will take place: +49 69 212 30447.