Exhibition details ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main


boys/ girls


10 June 2010 — 22 August 2010

18 young people from the art foundation course (level 12) are making an exhibition with the works from the collection of MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst.

A cooperation project between MMK and the Carl-von-Weinberg School, Frankfurt.

An art exhibition derives its momentum from the exciting interaction of the works on show. And it is the exhibition makers' job to make for interesting associations between the exhibits, to provide new perspectives on the individual works, and to render the theme in question accessible to everyone. They decide what is shown to visitors, how and especially why it is shown. For "Show up!" the young team of curators decided on the subject "Boys/Girls". A subject that quite obviously interests not only young people: MMK offers a rich fund of artistic work on the subject, illustrating all kinds of facets of "male" and "female". The preliminary selection made available to the young people comprises works by current-day artists such as Silvia Bächli, Stefan Balkenhol, Marlene Dumas, Johannes Hüppi, Michael Kalmbach, Manfred Stumpf and Kara Walker. Just what kind of content the exhibition will focus on, what kinds of points of friction, contradictions and harmonies will become visible between the works themselves as well as between the works and the young peoples' perspectives are things that will be highlighted in the exhibition at MMK as of June 9, 2010.

"Show up!" was devised in an extremely close collaboration between the museum and the school. The project investigates innovative opportunities for cooperation and curricular teaching outside the school environment. In "Show up", the communication of art is seen as the active production of culture and young people as visible producers of culture.