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Pssst. An Exhibition for Kids


15 December 2012 — 27 January 2013

With the exhibition "Pssst", the MMK is directing its attention to its very youngest visitors. Nine artists of Frankfurt and eight from England have developed and produced works especially for children between the ages of five and twelve. The core theme of the show at the MMK Zollamt is secrets, which the artists have investigated and depicted in all their widely differing forms.

Among the interactive works, for example, visitors will encounter imaginary escorts, puzzles and secret compartments. In the show, girls and boys can pursue secrets, expose them or keep them to themselves.The participating artists from Frankfurt belong to the artist’s group Labor (LAB), which has achieved national and international success with graphics, illustrations and art for children. Each edition of their regularly appearing "scribble books" for young artists reaches tens of thousands of children and has been translated into many languages. 

Labor has also been working with the MMK art mediation department for several years, regularly designing the back cover of the museum’s monthly children’s programme.The artists from England have made a name for themselves in part with their exceptional children's magazine Anorak. Four times a year, a small editing office in London assembles a team of graphic artists, illustrators and artists to design an edition of the magazine, choosing a different theme each time. The British artists and the Frankfurt studio community Labor are now entering into their first international collaboration with the aim of conveying contemporary art to children. What they share is the wish to provide a means of access that takes the great diversity among children into account.

Artists: Matt Bromley, Gemma Correll, Christopher Fellehner, Rob Flowers, Thomas Forsyth, Adam Higton, Anke Kuhl, Rob Lowe a.k.a. Supermundane, Alexandra Maxeiner, Jörg Mühle, Simon Peplow, Moni Port, Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter, Claudia Weikert, Zuni and Kirsten von Zubinski 

The exhibition at the MMK Zollamt is being carried out in cooperation with the Kindermuseum Frankfurt.

Opening: Friday, 14 December, 6pm

The project is funded by Kooperationspool der Stadt Frankfurt. 

// Program

Secret Workshop
On alternating Sundays, the MMK and the kinder museum are offering open workshops for families.
23.12., 13./27.1. at the MMK Zollamt from 2 to 5 pm, 16./30.12., 6 and 20 January at the kinder museum from 3 to 5 pm, free of charge, no registration.

Children Workshops with Artists
In one-day workshops, the Pssst artists will join the children on a discovery tour of the show, followed by activities in the workshop taking place at the kinder museum frankfurt.
15 December: Adam Higton  
3 January: With Moni Port and Philip Waechter
4 January: With Kai Staudacher
9 January: With Claudia Weikert
11 January: Theatre Workshop with "Blackout"</font>  
from 10 am to 3 pm on each day, 17 Euro including museum admission fee, registration required: 069 / 212 35154 or info.kindermuseum@stadt-frankfurt.de.

How to defeat a dragon – and other medieval secrets
At their concert at MMK Zollamt, the musician duo Wildwuchs from Bad Homburg and Marburg will ask kids to solve the mysteries of their peculiar instruments.
19.1., 3 pm, 7 Euro including museum admission fee, no registration.

Pssst for schools and daycare centres
A diverse programme at the MMK offers opportunities to explore the topic of secrets in depth. During school holidays the studio can be booked by daycare centres.
5 Euro including museum admission fee, registration required: 069 / 212 40691 or kunstvermittlung.mmk@stadt-frankfurt.de.

Introduction for teachers
Introduction to the artworks and mediation programme, for teachers and childcare workers.
12.12., 4 pm, free of charge, registration required:
069 / 212 40691 or kunstvermittlung.mmk@stadt-frankfurt.de.