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Orange, 2004
slide projection; 81 slides, projector
projection and installation size variable
edition 2/2+1A.P.
Orange consists of a series of 81 monochrome slides, projected in succession on a white wall in a separate space.

Since the presence of orange in photographic material tends to direct skin colour to an unrealistic pink, most films have been developed to avoid the colour in its spectrum. Only by using an orange filter normally used to enhance contrasts in B/W photography, we were able to capture a range of orange shades created by layering different papers, sheets and cells and photographing them on a number of different films with multiple exposure times.

Our initial aim was to approach the colour of overalls worn by prisoners at Guantanamo Bay: a very impactfull, but quite fluorescent orange.
At the same time, we're confronted with nationalist sympathies gaining importance in post-populist neo-conservative Holland on a daily basis. While Dutch immigration policies reached an unpreceeded ideological extreme as the Balkenende administration reached an agreement in February 2004 to expell 26000 illegal immigrants from the country, popularity polls indicated an 84% approval of monarchy as the ideal form of state amongst Dutch citizens. Not since World War II has there been such interest in Queen Beatrix and her family, the House of Orange.
Aquired 2004
Inv. Nr. 2004/36
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main
Aquired with funding from the 3x8 Fonds, an initiative of 12 Frankfurt based companies and the City of Frankfurt
picture credits:
Photo: Axel Schneider
de Rijke/de Rooij
Jeroen de Rijke
* 1970 in Brouwershave (NL)
† 2006 in Ghana (GH)
Willem de Rooij
* 1969 in Beverwijk (NL)
Lebt in Berlin