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Military Operations on Urban Terrain, Virtual Simulation
Brookline, Massachusetts
, 2006/2007
colour photograph
94, 8 x 113,8 x 3,2 cm
plate: 16,6 x 11,4 cm
edition 1/7+2A.P.
This computer-generated model of Fort Campbell's Military Operations on
Urban Terrain (MOUT) site in Kentucky depicts the cement wall recently built around
the “World Church of God” to simulate a mosque in Afghanistan or Iraq.

MetaVR, a software company that creates 3D, real-time, PC-based visual systems
combining geo-specific simulations with game quality graphics, built a computer
generated replica of Fort Campbell's MOUT site. Virtual simulations like these are
used for the training of soldiers and the development of future combat systems
and strategies. They enable soldiers to operate a computer as an individual combatant
from the perspective of a first person shooter, commonly seen in popular computer
games. The U.S. Army uses MOUT sites, site simulations and 3D virtual
MOUT site interactions to prepare soldiers for urban warfare, which is considered
the future of enemy combat.
Aquired 2007
Inv. Nr. 2007/67
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main
Acquired with funding from the Grunelius-Stiftung, Frankfurt am Main
picture credits:
© Taryn Simon
Photo: Axel Schneider
Taryn Simon
* 1975 in New York, NY (US)