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Standardized Patient, Actress Sharon Grambo
University of California Los Angeles Medical Center
Westwood, California
, 2007
colour photograph
94, 8 x 113,9 x 3,2 cm
plate: 16,6 x 11,4 cm
edition 6/7+2A.P.
Sharon Grambo, playing the role of Rita Baron, is a professional actress hired by the
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She is a Standardized Patient (SP). An
SP is a person trained to simulate a real patient for the purpose of testing medical
students, residents and experienced physicians on their diagnostic skills. The SP
presents the history, personality, physical findings, emotional structure and response
pattern of an actual patient at a particular point in time. The goal is for SP simulations
to be so accurate that they cannot be detected by a skilled clinician.
In this particular case, Rita Baron describes headaches, a fracture of the right ulna,
and a black eye resulting from a car accident two days prior. The medical student
should eventually determine that the physical injuries Rita Baron describes are inconsistent
with a car accident. She is actually a victim of domestic violence. Mock doctorpatient
encounters allow medical students, to practice the taking of histories, physical
examinations, and interpersonal communication. Standardized patients are also used
to help residents practice challenging clinical scenarios. UCLA's pediatric medicine
residents have used SPs to learn strategies for communicating to parents that their
child has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Aquired 2007
Inv. Nr. 2007/80
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main
Gift of the artist
picture credits:
© Taryn Simon
Photo: Axel Schneider
Taryn Simon
* 1975 in New York, NY (US)