Loan Conditions ::: Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Loan Conditions of the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Loan Requests and Agreements

A loan request addressed to the MMK director Susanne Pfeffer must be submitted in writing at least nine months before the beginning of the exhibition. Loan requests submitted past this deadline cannot be taken into consideration. The MMK reserves the right to refuse a loan request without stating specific reasons.

If the loan is approved, the MMK will issue a loan agreement. The loan arrangement is governed exclusively by the MMK loan agreement.

Moreover, the following conditions apply:


The MMK will have the loan insured against all insurable damages at the borrower’s expense for transport and exhibition, i.e. for the duration of the loan “from nail to nail”. The borrower will be invoiced for all costs arising in connection with the loan.

The borrower pledges to take the best possible care of the loan “from nail to nail”, to protect it from damage and not subject it to any danger. For the handling and treatment of the loan, particularly with regard to the climate and lighting conditions, the standards customary for major museums apply. The MMK has the right to stipulate the regular recording of climatic data, with measuring devices equipped with graphic recording functions, on the borrowers’ premises before and during the loan. The MMK has the right to issue special instructions for individual loans and all loans, in which case those instructions are binding.

Costs and Transport

A processing fee will be charged for all loans. The amount of the fee is dependent on the complexity of the loan.

The borrower bears the cost of packaging the loan and the loan’s transport to the borrower’s premises and back to the MMK, as well as the travel and accommodation costs of a member of the conservation department staff to inspect the condition of the loan. The MMK can stipulate that the transport be personally accompanied at the borrower’s expense. In this case the borrower must bear the travel and accommodation costs for the person accompanying the transport. In the event that the services of an external expert (e.g. a conservator, museum technician, etc.) must be obtained for the accompaniment of the transport, the costs arising from these services must be borne by the borrower.

The packaging, transport route and choice of haulier must be arranged with the MMK. The MMK can stipulate a certain haulier, in which case that stipulation is binding.

No changes may be made to the loan (or to the frame, mount, base, etc.), and no interventions may be made in the work for the purpose of installing/mounting it.

Presentation and Reproduction of the Works

In the direct vicinity of the loan, in the exhibition catalogue and in other publications, the MMK is to be named as the lender in clearly visible form. The borrower is obligated to send the MMK three copies of the publication free of charge immediately following its release.

Photographs of the loan in black and white or colour, as well as other reproductions or copies, may be produced only with the express permission of the MMK. Television recordings are permitted exclusively for informational purposes (news reports on the exhibition), provided the borrower ensures that the artwork/s and surrounding space are not subjected to heat in the recording/filming process. Film recordings of the loan/s for films require special approval by the MMK.