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(Selection of) Works in alphabetical order

“für Jean Christophe”
Martin Disler
“für Jean Christophe”,
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“Gott ist grün!”
Bernhard Johannes Blume
“Gott ist grün!”, 1984
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“Leo Castelli 90th Birthday Portfolio”
Castelli, Leo - 90th Birthday Portfolio
“Leo Castelli 90th Birthday Portfolio”, 1997
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„...rinsed with mercury throughout to this bespattered fruit of reflection, rife with distortion (each other, clouds and trees). what made a mirror flout its flat convention? surfacing as a solid ... and what was the sensation when stars alone like bees c
Cerith Wyn Evans
„...rinsed with mercury throughout to this ... , 2009
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„Als könnte es auch mir an den Kragen gehen“. Das Mord-Band
Marcel Odenbach
„Als könnte es auch mir an den Kragen ... , 1983
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„Kinder leiden am meisten“*<br />*nicht immer ganz richtig
Tobias Rehberger
„Kinder leiden am meisten“*
*nicht immer ... ,
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„World Church of God“ Simulation<br />Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT)<br />Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Taryn Simon
„World Church of God“ Simulation
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